Pierce my heart in the small stuff: CHANGES ANNOUNCED

“…until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.” Matthew 5:18

ItI1Our (not so small) changes

Our articles may be about small stuff this month, but the changes on the magazine are no small thing! As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve already started changing the layout; but it doesn’t stop there—we still have many exciting changes to come, including new colors, a new logo and mission statement, and new columns! In last month’s issue, we included details about our thoughts regarding the changes, so please be sure to read that article if you haven’t already. While the teen girls still hold a special place in our hearts (we’ve been there and know how tough it is!), we are very excited about our new direction of reaching out to stay-at-home Christian moms, and encouraging them to enjoy this season of life. We know that all moms need encouragement, so if you work outside the home, please feel free to read our articles too, and offer your own insight on our comments section.

Check back often to read articles from our brand-new columns, focusing on everything from marriage to family fun to discipline—all from a biblical perspective! We’re also keeping many of our other columns, but changing gears with them to reach our new target audience. We appreciate your patience and support as we continue updating the site and tweaking our material to better suit the needs of our readers.

This month

This month we’ll be focusing on the little things, from our new Fun Fact Friday (with an interesting small fact each week!), to taking small steps to take care of the bodies God gave us, to little things we can do to help our husbands feel loved. We’ll also be focusing on the small people in our homes, with a special devotional-recipe, ideas for family nights, and a list of ways children can be included in reaching out to others.

There’s also a great book giveaway coming up for moms, plus there will be a few tips on how to get rewarded for browsing the web, and how to get “new” clothes without spending a dime!

Let’s not forget about the little things in life—we shouldn’t neglect them, but we shouldn’t obsess about them either. Let’s strive to live today for today, let tomorrow take care of itself, and relish the feeling of knowing that He Is, and always will be.

Enjoying the Smallness,
Lisa and Davonne

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