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May's Desktop Image1 Peter 4:10 “As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

We’ve all been blessed with special gifts, or talents, and one of the things we can do with our talents is use them to serve others, which is what this month’s theme is all about!

The articles

We’ll identify how and why serving is important, as well as give ideas about how teens and young adults can serve in the church and in the community, through carwashes, lending an ear, or practicing random acts of kindness throughout the day.

We’ll also talk about the greatest Servant of all, Jesus Christ, as we read more about Him in our daily Bible reading. We’ll discuss some of the things He desires for His church, and give a quick reference of a few ways we can serve others in order to reflect Him.

Civil Service (or jury duty) is a service that’s often required of people, and we’ll learn a little about that, as well as receive some insight about why we shouldn’t judge the judges. Depression, also something we don’t ask for, can leave us feeling deprived of the energy we need in order to serve others, so this month there will be an article that tells signs and symptoms of depression, as well as offer ways to find help.

Inappropriate lyrics in music is something we can easily overlook or excuse, but we need to think about what we’re allowing into our hearts, so this month there will be an article that will make us think twice about excuses, and will offer fun, upbeat alternatives to popular sounds that will help us to have pure servants’ hearts.

Those of you who are getting ready to cram for finals will enjoy our article about serving each other with a study party, and we’ll read about how we can serve God by helping guys keep their thoughts pure this summer by what we choose to wear. We’ll also post tips for hosting a parents’ night out; this event will offer free babysitting to give couples past the dating stage a chance to rejuvenate their romance and reconnect.

Homemade BrowniesCooking and Moms

This month also focuses on food in a big way, with our Gifted Girls column featuring baking and easy suggestions about serving others with baked goods (check there for information about what to submit for next month!), and our Cooking Corner’s special five-part “Delightful Dining” series. This series will include detailed instructions, tips, and ideas about all areas of planning a dinner party for others, from the day the idea occurs, to the clean-up afterward, and everything in between. We’ll close off the food series with a Health and Fitness article that discusses sensible solutions for common food cravings, and tips for eating the really fun stuff in moderation.

Mother’s Day is coming up this month (May 10), and we don’t want to forget our mothers who work so hard, often unnoticed and unappreciated, to serve their families. One girl writes an article expressing appreciation for her mother, and offers readers the opportunity to leave comments telling good things about their mothers, too. Put Mom first this Mother’s Day to make her feel pampered and appreciated, thanking her for the other 364 days each year that she puts everyone else’s needs above her own. A great way to do this would be to give her a pedicure, which you can do using the step-by-step instructions we’ll post!

Bathing Suit Discount

Lime Ricki offered a special giveaway last month, and you can still get a really great––and modest––bathing suit at a great price (especially if you shop their clearance section!) because Lime Ricki’s special offer is still available for all Pierce My Heart readers. You will save 10% off your entire purchase just by entering the coupon code HEART10 at their checkout by May 15, 2009!

Giveaway and volunteer news

news3Style Sense will talk about making immodest summer clothes more modest, and we’ll give away one $25 gift card to an online clothing store, so check back for more information about that!

If you need to be involved in a summer internship program, or would just like a way to serve this summer, please contact us for information about how you can volunteer for Pierce My Heart. No matter what your talent is, there’s sure to be a job for you, so don’t let lack of experience or writing skills stop you! You will not only be helping to spread God’s Word across the country, but you will also be able to put this volunteer experience on your resume or college applications.

This month

As you read the articles this month, think of ways you can put your talents to good use, no matter what skills you’ve been blessed with. Share Christ’s love with others by allowing His light to shine through you. Matthew 5:16: “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Serving Him,
Davonne Parks

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