Pierce my heart to care for Your creation

Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen…”

iti1We can all rejoice knowing that spring has arrived! I love the freshness and newness of this season, with the flowers, the birds and other animals, and the warm, clean scent in the air. This month we’re going to focus on caring for God’s creation as we enjoy the great outdoors. We’ll talk about everything from caring for nature, to caring for animals, people, and the church.

God cares for all of His creation, especially us, and we’ll discuss that this month, as well as give scientific evidence found in the Bible proving that He Is.

Articles about caring for the guys He’s created will include fun group date ideas and discuss whether or not innocent flirting is actually innocent. We’ll also give fun kid-friendly recipes and tips for cooking with the younger guys and girls we know, and we’ll learn about a great way to download free lessons from young Christian men!

We’ll get a view into the life of a girl whose earthly father didn’t care for her the way he should have, and how she’s overcome that struggle. In a separate article by the same girl, we’ll read about how she learned to love herself just as God created her, and she’ll encourage us to do the same.

On an environmental note, we’ll have recycling tips and instructions, information about organic foods, fresh ideas on how to help care for the planet, and we’ll discuss whether or not global warming is something to worry about (clue: read Psalm 74:16–17 and Mark 13:31–33). We’ll also talk about the not-so-booming job market and see what we can do to help the economy in this time of need.

We’ll go through the challenging process of successful eyebrow grooming this month, and include tips for three different ways to go about obtaining the perfect brow (great for framing those beautiful eyes He created).

Gifted Girls is featuring sewing this month, and photos of items people have sewn will appear, along with instructions on a fun, easy sewing project that even beginners can do. Next month’s theme will also be announced (think taste buds), so be sure to check it out!

Giveaway and other news

iti2This month we’re having a special two-part bathing suit article (in plenty of time for summer!), and one web store is generously giving away a new suit to one reader! This store is also offering a special discount just for Pierce My Heart readers, so stay tuned to be shown a great deal even if you don’t win a free suit.

You may have noticed that our home page no longer has a video––instead, it lists the most recently posted articles for easy reference. Just click on the title you’re interested in and you’ll be directed to that article. The video can still be seen on our media page, along with our desktop images and buddy icons.

We now have a Pro-Life tag! If you know of anyone who is considering abortion, print off these articles to lovingly encourage and read with them. Information from the articles can also be cited in research papers, or read for your own personal reference. To view all of our tags, look on the right- hand side of any page (except the home page) under our “Links” section. New tags will be added throughout the upcoming months, so be sure to glance over there often.

If you have a question you’d like answered, contact us with your question and we’ll send it to one of our advice columnists to answer.

As you read the articles this month, allow yourself to be drawn to caring for His creation, then grab a friend, put on some work gloves, and get to work! Every little bit helps––none of us can do it all, but together we can do a lot.

Creatively His,
Davonne Parks

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